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Back on track Indiana - 26 March, 2021- Latest News Link Click Here

All Dancers…..   Especially Bop Club & Indy Dancers Members.                          Get your Covid-19 vaccination (save your card) as soon as you can please!                     Do not spread the virus to others!                     Social distancing orders show (as of March 2021) it is NOT yet safe for partner dance events!                    Be safe and responsible you could spread the virus to others, even if you are inoculated.                       Soon it will be safe to dance, but NOT yet!                     March 2021 it is NOT yet safe to return to partner dancing.                      Please be safe - Do NOT SPREAD COVID-19 to your family and friends!                    ALL Dancers ....Get your vaccination!                    Indy Dancers get your vaccination ASAP and SAVE your Inoculation card for a special "virus Free" event!                    Do not spread Covid-19 to others by taking something awful home.                      Please be safe and avoid all close contact, as you may infect friends and family!                    Follow all Social Distance protocols until it is declared safe by Health Officials!

Swing & Ballroom Dancing during Covid-19 Crises in 2021

UPDATED - 26 March 2021 - Indiana Gov Covid-19 Press Conference


Update 26 March 2021:

"Never inoculators" (individuals more afraid of the Covid-19 shot than the Virus). Because of encouraging Covid-19 safety some have severed ties with Indy Dancers. For planning an opening event (approved by presiding Health Departments) as a "vaccination awareness" dance. The function we plan is to encourage dancers to get their inoculations. In case you didn't know: Dance events have been being labeled by CDC as "super spreader functions" (this link has an example). This proposed opening Club event would be available only to inoculated participants to dispel the dancers reputation has acquired as of being a petre dish for spreading viruses.

I am making the positions very obvious and only available on this site, to avoid mis-quotes.

Here are the Key Points as of today (subject to change):

  1. Be always safe and follow all Health Department guidelines - This is NOT the time (March / April 2021) to try to get away with something, so error on the side of public safety.

  2. Social Distancing does not permit touching, so (for now) multi-partners dance are not safe, no matter the other sanitary guidelines imposed.

  3. This is quickly changing, and reopening events will be held soon, but for now open partner dancing is not safe, and can not be encouraged.

 This Crises will be over soon if we all stay save now!

Our only goal is to return to SAFE & FUN dance events for all!.

Thank you!

D. Mindach

Indy Dancers Pres




Original Statement (below)


From Don Mindach I.D. Pres:

Hi Dancers,

As acting President of Indy Dancers, many have asked, "When can we go back to holding dance events?" The answer is simple: We can dance again when Health Officials say it is safe and Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett lifts or revises his executive order on social distancing. Until the official Health Dept. orders are lifted, partner dancing is not legal, or safe in Marion County.

Recently (March 2021), I (personally) contacted officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Indiana Department of Health and health officers in Marion, Brown, and Monroe counties seeking information for a possible dance event this June.

All health officials were in agreement: "Due to mutant COVID-19 strains and the many risks, we (Health Departments) feel it is not safe to hold events as you describe with partner dancing at this time." They noted:

  • Social Distancing - In no way allows touching of any dance partner. So, partner dancing (touching) is not allowed in any form regardless of any other precautions taken! Line dancers must maintain the distance requirement and wear masks. (This is in effect under Gov. Holcomb’s and Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett’s executive orders as directed by the many Health Departments.)

  • NEW - A "COVID-Free" - With proof of full vaccination partner dance event (Inoculation Card Required) may be held in Indiana if a proposal is submitted to the local health department and approved in writing by the health officer. Note: Indy Dancers is planning just such an event, so keep you vaccination card!

They also gave this example of a dance group that chose to ignore warnings and held an event:

Other Dance event considerations:

  • Insurance - Most insurance companies will not cover events held against executive orders and will use this clause to excuse coverage if something happens.

  • Waivers - At this time Covid-19 Waivers are NOT binding, so sponsor organizations are held responsible.

Indiana Gov. Holcomb and Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett are expected to provide updates to their executive orders the end of March (2021) and we will update when available.

I encourage dancers to follow all the health and safety guidelines, stay away from places that do not follow protocols and get vaccinated. By late Spring, we hope to have really fun dance parties!

Stay safe and hope to see you soon!

Don Mindach - President

with approval of

Indy Dancers Board

Rev 3b; 19 March 2021



D. Mindach

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"Just for the fun of it" - Since 1983 


March 2021